Xender is downloading

Xender with a direct file, download it and install it on your phone and enjoy it. Xender is safe, not viruses or malware, thanks for your trust.

How to install it?

1. Click "OK" on Chrome, then click the Download complete notification after download There may be warnings while you downloading an apk file on Chrome. Click OK to Continue.
Xender is Safe, Thanks for your trust

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1 How do I download old Xender?
To get an older version, visit our page. You can find all the past versions of this APK there. Download the one you want for your Android device.
2 How do I connect Xender to another phone?
Open it and choose "Connect Phone" or "Connect PC," depending on the device you're connecting to. It will make a Wi-Fi network or hotspot.
3 Why was Xender removed from Play Store?
About a year ago, the Indian Government banned around 60 Chinese apps, including Xender, for security reasons. So, it was removed from the Play Store.